Jul 9, 2014

Annette Meeuwse

I remember going into work, nonchalantly noticing it was raining.

Flood: 2013

By the end of the day, I found a voicemail on my cellphone stating that the CAUSE gala scheduled to be at the zoo that evening had been cancelled due to flooding at the zoo. I remember being surprised at the news because all day long at work, I had thought it was just another typical gray and rainy day. As soon as I found the voicemail, I Googled the news and was horrified at what I saw unfolding in and around our own city.

Ironically for my family and me, we had a few good outcomes from the flood. My oldest daughter attends Western Canada High School, and their exams were cancelled. She also persuaded me to go along with her to help dig out mud and clear basements in High River. The level of devastation and stench was so sad, however it was impressive to be part of a team of total strangers suddenly pulling together to help others. The woman, whose basement we were clearing of foul mud and debris by shovelling mud into buckets and dragging soaked carpet up the stairs, started having chest pain and I'm a nurse so I went upstairs to be with her. The whole experience was surreal - so MUCH generousity, camaraderie and kindness in the midst of sorrow and destruction. One of my conclusions: Love trumps all, even Mother Nature.

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